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My target 400 Push-ups

I'm fundraising for men's health in the Push4Men 10-Day Challenge.

This is because I really care about the men and boys in my life and I want to see all men fare better when it comes to living better, healthier lives.

I know that by taking part in this Challenge I am bringing awareness to the fact that heart disease kills so many more men than women before the age of 65 in Australia. By learning to be stronger, men can reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease.

I will be pushing for men's health for 10 days. Please support my efforts with a donation. Thank-you.

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My Updates

Day 8 - Push Up Man to the rescue!!!!!!

Wednesday 16th Jun

Day 7 - wearing a hat to hide my bald spot

Tuesday 15th Jun

Day 6 - Juggling life, push-ups and our weekly circus class

Tuesday 15th Jun

Day 5 - just warming up for a 30k jog

Sunday 13th Jun

Day 4 - pushing up the sun rise

Saturday 12th Jun

Day 3 - Squeezing in session in my work gear

Friday 11th Jun

Day 2 - Shout out to Average Joes

Thursday 10th Jun

Day 1 - Let's Start Pushing!

Thursday 10th Jun

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500 push-ups mate, let’s see them.💪🏻


Warren Leeds

Hey Glen, I love your work mate, I hope that this donation helps you achieve your goals. Waz.


Tough Guy Book Club

Keep up the good work Glen


Paul Webber

Keep up the good work brother


Robin Hadley

Well done.


The Modern Bloke

Leading the way as always Glen! Keep up the great work


Kenton Turner

Love your work! :)


David Dyke

Well Done Glen


Sharon Groves


Nicholas Dob

Go Glen!! You are inspiring and I admire your continuing efforts for the betterment of healthy men in our community.


Russell Jeavons


Martin James Seager

Keep on pushing and the door will slowly open!