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Choose Your 10-Day Push-Up Challenge

How much will you push each day? Remember, these are just suggestions,
it's up to you to decide what challenge you are up for!

Have-A-Go Hero

Level 1 - Goal: 40 push-ups

Okay, we know you’re strong and you want to get stronger. Do 40 push-ups over 10 days, form a team to help you, or modify your push-up to a half push-up from the knees.

Living Legend

Level 2 - Goal: 400 push-ups

Do 40 push-ups a day for 10 days. Log your push-ups each day. If you are in a team, then everyone in the team can do 40 push-ups each or you can elect to spread 40 push-ups over the group.

Men’s Health Warrior

Level 3 - Goal: 401+ push-ups

Looking for a bigger challenge? Do 2 or 3 sets of 40 push-ups for 10 days. Make it a one-armed push-up or harder. Set your goal and share with your friends and teammates.

How it works

No matter how strong you are you can make a difference. Sign up as an individual or as a team.

Pick your level, set your push-up goal, track your push-ups and starting pushing.

Share with friends, family and colleagues. Every dollar raised will make a difference for men's health.

What is Push4Men?

Push4Men is a 10-day challenge which promotes the importance of staying strong to prevent men's heart disease. People who join Push4Men will be attempting to complete 40 push- ups a day for 10 consecutive days. Why push-ups? Men are at greater risk of heart disease than women: 4 out of 5 people who die of heart disease before the age of 65 are men.

Some of the ways men can reduce their risk of heart disease are to stay strong, keep fit, eat well, lose weight and stop smoking.

Learn More

Staying strong

  • Heart disease is the biggest killer of Aussie men and women.
  • Heart disease kills 50 people a day.
  • Men under 65 are 4 times more likely than women to die from heart disease.
  • Staying strong is a great way for men to stay healthy.
  • Research shows that men who can do 40 push-ups are up to 10 times less likely to get heart disease than men who can’t.

Let's do this!

Our Push4Men Leaders

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