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I'm fundraising for men's health in the Push4Men 10-Day Challenge.

This is because I really care about the men and boys in my life and I want to see all men fare better when it comes to living better, healthier lives.

I know that by taking part in this Challenge I am bringing awareness to the fact that heart disease kills so many more men than women before the age of 65 in Australia. By learning to be stronger, men can reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease.

I will be pushing for men's health for 10 days. Please support my efforts with a donation. Thank-you.

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Thursday 20th May
As I'm looking out over the waves at Newcastle beach, I reflect upon God's amazing creation, what he puts in place for us all to enjoy, which in turn brings joy to God. I am glad he has some strong men in my life, brothers that I would do anything and go through anything for. Brothers that are there to help carry the load and share the burden.

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